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Our business-minded consultants add insight to clients’ selection decisions using a range of psychometric assessment tools to illuminate a candidate’s abilities including problem solving, creativity and initiative; support on-boarding and development in role with coaching, and provide talent and management audits in the context of change and succession planning.

We offer companies and organisations an independent evaluation of individuals who are being considered for employment or promotion internally.

Benefits for the organisation

- Impartial and objective advice to help in the process of recruiting an external candidate or promoting an internal candidate. We bring objectivity and minimise risk

- Clear and structured knowledge about how key executives can be coached once they have been recruited or promoted, including an assessment of the long-term potential of an individual

- An internal candidate is often more readily accepted if he or she has been through a formal process

Benefits for the individual

- An impartial and objective forum for discussing a new position or promotion

- Insights into one's own strengths and areas for development in relation to a specific job description

- Possibility of developing more quickly and finding new challenges

- Confidence in knowing that you as an individual are being assessed professionally, regardless of whether you are offered a new role or not

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