Executive Search and Board Services

We specialise in the recruitment of the board-level executives of today and the high-potential managers who will become tomorrow's industry leaders.Our international presence enables us to serve our clients seamlessly across geographical borders.

Our clients include some of the largest multinationals worldwide and also specialist start-ups in the high technology sectors.

We engage with organisations of every size and denomination and provide the reach of a service that befits an international organisation, with the touch, sensitivity and specialism of the high customer service associated with boutique consultancies.

We assist organisations in developing and managing their talent, both in the acquisition of new talent and the development of their employees and team performance.Our international organisation is fully integrated, our research teams are in-house and connected through a common database and have an inbred culture of working together.

This enables us to apply our unique major account structure that balances single point relationships for clients, with the ability to provide specialist capability across international borders.We can also bring very specialist expertise in specific functional disciplines or initial assessment or organisational development.

We are commended for the cohesion and single focus that we bring to our international clients and to the resources we can bring to bear on our domestic clients who seek expertise from overseas to help create their world- class organisations.

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