What makes us unique

  • We have more than 2,500 employees operating across 36 locations across the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Our global turnover is over €1billion
  • We were the first recruitment company in the world to launch an iPad App
  • We are one of the largest international investors in Vietnam
  • Our Inspire network has been a passionate advocate of boardroom diversity since 2008
  • We produce one of the leading CIO Survey and Events programs in the world
  • Together we speak 28 languages; from Urdu to Cantonese
  • We have recruited over 100,000 experts and executives; from CEOs of global companies to "rising stars"
  • Over 20 million US cellphone users make calls using software written by our Nash Technologies division
  • Harvey Nash TV attracts over 40,000 viewers
  • The two most common corporate values quoted in our annual staff survey: passion & professionalism

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