Only 8% of CIOs Are Women; Shockingly That's an Improvement

By Cassie Slane in Huffington Post July 8th 2013

When it comes to women in U.S. CIO roles, the number has remained relatively unchanged. Eight percent of CIOs in the U.S. are women, a slight improvement from seven percent last year, according to the latest CIO survey from Harvey Nash. While this figure isn't too surprising, as women make up a relatively small percentage of the C-suite, (only 10 percent of CFOs and 4 percent of CEOs in the Fortune 500 are women) what is surprising is that so few women make up the talent pool in IT for many companies.

According to the report, 75% of U.S. CIOs polled stated that there are a lack of qualified female candidates for IT leadership rolls. In addition, 40% believed that the current percentage of CIOs being women (8%) is satisfactory.

While gender bias seems to be the culprit for at least some of that figure in the survey (17% of U.S. CIOs believe women are exposed to unintentional bias during the selection process which prevents them from advancing), the majority of that figure is due to the sheer lack of women in the junior and senior levels of companies.

"The number of CVs you get from male versus female in the IT space, from junior level to senior level, they are absolutely more male dominated across the board," said Anna Frazetto, senior vice president of international technology solutions at Harvey Nash USA. "As you move up the seniority chain it becomes even more difficult to find female CVs."

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