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The Dark Costs Of Denying Highly-Skilled Immigrant Spouses The Right to Work

Posted by Ruchika Tulshyan on on May 23, 2014

A new federal reform proposes allowing spouses of highly-skilled immigrant workers (H1B visa holders) the right to work. The law will overturn the largely oppressive treatment spouses on the H4 visa category face.

The reform will affect close to 100,000 people who can finally get back to applying for jobs after months, if not years, of having to sit out of the workforce.

Many H4 dependents, majority women, are consigned to being unemployed once they move to the U.S. In their home countries they were often high-earning, largely independent workers. But after moving to the U.S., they're unable to work or even open an individual bank account. They're ineligible to get a social security number and find it prohibitively difficult to get a driver's license. Their rights have been compared with those of women living in some of the most oppressive parts of the world.

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