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IT Recruiting Volvo Case Study

In 2001, Volvo IT developed a new version of its dealer management system to support the activities of 450 Renault Truck dealers spread across Europe. Volvo IT decided to support the new system centrally, introducing it first in Belgium followed by the Netherlands and France.

Encouraged by the effort's success, they then decided to also centralize support for its Volvo Trucks business in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. As the support business grew across other European countries, Volvo IT needed to considerably expand its team.

In 2004, they turned to Harvey Nash, with whom they had worked since 2000, to help find 17 new people.

These individuals would program the system, administer it, migrate the old system onto the new system and train the company and the dealers across Europe to use it. Seven of the individuals so far recruited by Harvey Nash are on the road all the time, traveling between the different dealerships around Europe. Ten are based at Volvo IT's headquarters in Ghent, Belgium.

The key challenge for Harvey Nash was to find people who had strong technical skills, but who were also multilingual: English fluency was required as well as the ability to speak at least two other European languages.

The support team at Volvo IT has now grown to 28 people who are managing the roll-out of the new system and providing ongoing dealer support.

  • Volvo IT needed to hire 17 new staff members to support a new dealer management system for Renault Truck and Volvo Trucks dealers across Europe.
  • Volvo IT briefed Harvey Nash, with whom it has a longstanding relationship, to help find 17 new multilingual IT specialists.
  • The expanded team is successfully managing the roll-out of the system, as well as providing ongoing dealer support.