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IT Recruiting Northcliffe Media Case Study

Media Savvy

Northcliffe Media is one of the largest regional newspaper publishers in the UK, producing around 250 publications. When CIO David Henderson joined Northcliffe in November 2005, the 200-person strong IT team was dispersed across 17 different offices. Henderson set about trying to centralize IT in Leicester, with a second hub in Exeter.

He approached Harvey Nash to help him recruit a new team of heavyweight IT people who were experienced in running big national systems and had strong change management and transformation skills. He asked Harvey Nash to recruit six senior people for roles across IT networks, architecture, development and management.

Henderson knew Harvey Nash well, having worked with them in three separate roles over the previous eight years. He briefed Harvey Nash in February and the search process, which was comprised of national newspaper advertising, candidate search and job boards, was completed in November.

Henderson rates the Harvey Nash account management team very highly.

As a result of the assignment, Henderson has succeeded in achieving a smooth and gradual transition from a decentralized to a centralized IT operation.