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IT Recruiting Eneco Energie Case Study

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Eneco Energie is one of the three biggest energy suppliers in the Netherlands. It pursues an integrated distribution strategy for producing, transporting, measuring and invoicing gas, electricity and heating.

Eneco has two million corporate and domestic customers and around 4,700 employees.

Eneco recently adopted a new, more rigorous approach for evaluating the quality of its suppliers, a process that has highlighted the strength of Harvey Nash compared to other recruitment providers.

Ruud Anink, Vendor Manager of Eneco Energie, says:

Harvey Nash will now focus on adding more value to its relationship with Eneco by providing additional services, including market scans and benchmarking.

Meanwhile, as part of its new, more rigorous approach to supplier selection and evaluation, Eneco will make more use of its supplier relationship management system to monitor Harvey Nash’s performance.

Eneco Energie needs flexible support for its IT projects as a result of frequent and rapid changes in the energy supply market. Harvey Nash has proven itself more than able to provide the bright, talented candidates with unique marketplace skills that Eneco requires. Eneco’s new supplier relationship management system has highlighted the success of its partnership with Harvey Nash.