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Listen to what Nick Glen, IS Director, Technicolor has to say about working with us.

Listen to what Kevin Carrick, Executive Director Operations (COO), Local World, has to say about working with us.

Listen to what Alex Singh, Candidate, has to say about working with us.

Listen to what Alan Lait, the Development Director at SiRRAN, has to say about working with us.

Listen to what David Hallett, CIO of Howden Joinery, has to say about working with us.

More success stories

International media company

This media giant has had a long standing relationship with Harvey Nash over the last 13 years. As an international company they originally approached us because they knew we could deliver a wealth of industry and technical know-how across a global expanse.

Over the years our dedicated account team has worked meticulously with their team to make sure we always understand their specific and highly skilled technical needs. As a result of excellent communication between us and them, we have been able to provide hundreds of exceptional professionals for our client.

Every year we place over 1,500 skilled candidates within this media powerhouse and we have over 90 contractors on site. By really listening to our client and understanding their technology needs, Harvey Nash has been able to improve their hiring success rates, lower the time taken to recruit as well as reducing their hiring costs.

A world leading educational establishment

For the last four years, we have cultivated and developed a fantastic relationship with this educational establishment and their CIO.

As a pioneer in their field, this establishment is highly innovative and are on a journey to become world leaders in the design, content and delivery of learning they offer.

Harvey Nash are currently helping them on this journey, offering our highly specialised expertise to attract and retain a number of individuals who can take this organisation forward to a world-class status. In 2011 this establishment was looking to recruit 18 new technology roles.

Due to our previous track record and brilliant relationship with them, they left it in our capable hands - awarding us exclusivity and to find these critical new employees.