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Yorkshire Digital

Creating a community of digital excellence, in the heart of Yorkshire.

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Harvey Nash are proud to partner with Yorkshire Digital, an initiative that is creating a space in which individuals, organisations and user groups of all skill sets can easily see what's going on, become involved, build new connections and share knowledge, it is a networking group with a difference!

It is by no means restrictive to technologies or locations, instead, it's about technology, education and communities across the Yorkshire region, from the foothills of the Dales to the brightest lights of Leeds. 

Gone are the days where developers learn one language, testers use one tool or the 'cloud' is just something in the sky. Through a range of regional events, Yorkshire Digital brings together passionate individuals in a digital eco-system that is built on beliefs of collaboration, instead of separate entities spread out in a fragmented environment. 

If you're interested, or want to be part of Yorkshire's digital landscape, give Daniel Manton a shout on or 0113 202 8950

Or even better, follow us on Twitter @YorksDigital for the latest news, updates and tech chat.