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Changing the way we work

In this study, in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce, we look at the role teleworking can play in how, when and where we work.

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Are you working flexibly?
Flexible working has become part of how we understand work. More and more employees request non-traditional working arrangements so that they can balance the demands of their working lives while maintaining a rewarding social and family life.

Most employers see flexible working as a way of helping their workers to achieve that balance. This informal approach to flexible working not only increases the probabilities to conflict among a company' staff, but, more importantly it means that many business are not achieving their full benefits. 

Flexible working can provide access to a wider talent pool, contribute to o[perational savings or imporve a company's output, staff retention levels and motivation. The problems is that there is not a unique implementation forumlathat guarantees its success.

Using the example of teleworking, also often referred to as 'remote working' or 'virtual working', our report aims to provide businesses especially small and medium firms with information on its potential benefits as well as negative effects, and to offer some guidance on the elements required to achieve it.