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Ben Rowntree, Sussex Police and Surrey Police


The facts & figures

Name of current organisation
Sussex Police and Surrey Police

In post since

Reports to
Both Chief Constables

Number of staff
188 FTEs

Head Office
Lewes and Guildford


What's on your iPod right now?
Do they still make iPods?

Favourite book:
The Phoenix Project

Favourite pastime:
Running marathons incredibly slowly

Current Role

Why were you hired into your current role?
Transformation and Integration of ICT

What is your remit?
More for Less

What influence do you hope the IT function will have in driving innovation?
1) ICT will mobilise Police Officers
2) ICT will stop Police Officers having to use multiple IT systems when a few will suffice
3) ICT will enable Officers to collaborate regionally and nationally

How will you balance the need to be broad technically but still be business focused?
ICT will have omni-competent skills to support the past, present and future

What will success look like?
Increased tangible ICT outcomes delivered at lower cost

Overview of Career

Who have been the most influential people in your career, and why?
Craig Wallace, former CIO at First Group - natural ability to lead, influence and deliver; Steve Evans, VP Strategy First Group - Focus on value and detail
What has been your biggest mistake?
Thinking that some people come into work every day to do a bad job

What has been your greatest success?
Saving both Forces £8m on ICT over the next medium term financial cycle, whilst providing a more robust ICT service

What is your greatest strength?
Determination to stick at it, despite roadblocks put in the way

What is your greatest weakness?
Sometimes too quick to rush in, deciding on gut feel rather than gut feel plus facts

What company do you most admire, and why?
Virgin, dedication to the customer

If you hadn't become a CIO what would you have liked to become?
A tree surgeon