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Come and find out what's going on with the 16th Harvey Nash CIO survey as it tours the UK & Ireland.

We've already taken our CIO survey roadshow to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Ireland and Scotland. If you weren't able to get involved, click here for videos, interviews and find out what everyone is talking about. 

The Harvey Nash CIO Survey continues to be one of the most comprehensive reports on IT Leader sentiment in the world, spanning 30 countries and combining the views of over 3,000 professionals. It provides detailed insight into the changing role of the CIO and the current challenges they face. 

One of the many findings of the survey is that we're now seeing a new spirit of optimism amongst CIOs and positivity is on the rise.

We've had some incredible CIOs join us this year from Pete Marsden, CIO of ASOS, to Ian Cohen, CIO of Jardine Lloyd Thompso, and Brona Kernan, CIO of Irish Times. Find out what they have to say about the role of the CIO over the next twelve months and the challenges they're facing.