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Women Wanted

The banks of London are on the hunt for talented women, and we're proud to be the ones helping them. 

In line with the Lord Mayor's 'Power of Diversity' programme and a growing realisation that organisations NEED women to thrive, the City's banks have launched an array of campaigns to shatter the glass ceiling and get women through their doors. 

Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf said: "The world has changed since I became the first female partner at my law firm CMS 30 years ago. But it has not changed fast enough, and we need to challenge traditional thinking and make sure far fewer women and people from diverse backgrounds get left behind". 

A sentiment that is being fully backed by the financial services organisations across the city, ranging from typical Tier 1 investment banks to boutique investment management firms, doing all they can to change the history of banking. 

We're lucky enough to work with a mixed portfolio of clients across the industry, and through our diversity networks such as Inspire and Aspire, as well as our continuous events, roundtables and meet-ups, we're able to provide a steady stream of talented women to our clients. 

The glass ceiling is, after all, only made of glass, and if we hit it hard enough, it's going to smash. Our Finance and Banking Practice, led by Ben Hayes, are passionate about diversity, passionate about changing the landscape of banking permanently and are on a journey to back London's banks to ensure we help them achieve their goals. 

For further information on recruiting for your bank, applying for roles, or our latest diversity events, please contact Ben Hayes at If you can't catch him there, a ridiculous notion, you'll find him at 0207 333 1523.