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Not another recruiter...

It's a statement that gets slapped continuously onto the backs of the consultants who work within the walls of recruitment. It's historically always been that way. But here, we're changing that, because we might not know everything, but we know that's not us.

Instead, we're passionate about technology, excited about our vertical markets and live and breathe all things tech. 
Which is why the British Medical Association (BMA) invited our very own Bhavin Joshi to one of their internal events to present the results of the 2015 Harvey Nash Technology Survey. Having watched him speak at other events, BMA recognised someone who was immersed in the technology world, not because they had to be, but because they wanted to be. Someone who was more than just another recruiter.

The event was organised by BMA's CIO who wanted to shine a light on the technology strategy for those who work closely within the technology business at BMA. Speakers also included:
  • Dr. Andrew Deardon, Treasurer, BMA
  • Dr. Nicola Hodson, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK
  • Tim Brooks, CEO, BMJ
  • David Taylor, Founder Naked Leader, Hon Professor, Author, Speaker, and Business Coach - Advocate of Business is a Force for Good

The day saw presentations about strategy, transformation, business intelligence and what's next for BMA. Key themes included:
  • skills shortage in technology 
  • digital transformation 
  • M-Commerce and Big Data

Being part of an internal technology event for such a reputable organisation as an independent and valued voice is a huge credit to Bhavin and his enthusiasm for technology. It tells us that we're not the only ones who think we're so much more than just another recruiter.