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An interview with Ria Morgan, Head of Harvey Nash Digital

In November last year, Ria was delighted to pick up the Recruitment Innovation award at the Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards on behalf of Harvey Nash Digital.

Here she explains how the team won the award and what the future of recruitment looks like...

What did you do differently to win your category?

Innovation is at the core of our brand.

We have a digital pioneering mind-set, from strategic approach to day to day working. This is proven by our market leading research and head hunting tools, our unique thought leadership and ever-popular events, and our advanced use of Mobile and Social Media. We do digital recruitment the digital way and we have an unparalleled live network to prove it. We offer our clients a different and diagonal thinking portfolio of services which enables us to truly attract the very top tier of digital talent.

We're also a brand that's continually evolving. We've changed our business model to adapt to changes in the environment to ensure that we deliver better products and truly bespoke services that not only meet needs and impress but amaze. For example, one of our key USPs in the digital recruitment market is the fact that we operate a 24 hour sourcing / resource team model; when our competitors close their laptops at the end of the day our team in Vietnam open theirs and continue the work, searching and resourcing while our UK consultants sleep. This 'follow the sun' initiative puts us at a huge advantage over our competitors and ensures that we excel at saving our clients both time and money.

What do marketing and digital recruitment businesses need to do differently in 2016?

Recruitment is clearly being transformed through digital advancement. Some of the key things we all need to keep in mind are:

It's no longer enough to just be a 'bums on seat' digital recruiter, and why should it? Recruitment Companies need to also be a digital marketing agency and individual consultants need to also step up their game, knowledge and personal branding to attract. Harvey Nash Digital Labs - is our very own internal digital agency that allows us to design recruitment websites, create marketing campaigns and build mobile & tablet apps and digital marketing for our own brands and external clients. Our team is comprised of digital experts with a combined experience of 150 years and as part of one of the world's largest technology recruitment and outsourcing companies, which includes a 2,000 person offshore development facility in Vietnam, we have access to some of the finest creative and technology talent in the world. It gives us a creative edge on our competition; alongside the composition of Microsites we have really engaged ourselves as a company in the digital side of clientele assistance and brand improvements. We also have an Accredited Consultants & Strategic Partnership initiative; we partner with best in breed so that however complex a client project we can manage.

Truly recognize that time is money - clients request, because they deserve both lightning speed and accuracy, there's no justification for compromising one for the other. How better to ensure smooth process and attract business than by practicing what we preach! This is why we operate a 24 hour sourcing model.

Mobile domination - Harvey Nash were the first recruiter in the world to have an iPad app published on the App Store. Additionally, our career podcasts have featured in the iTunes Top 20 charts since 2008. Our website, crafted by our digital marketing experts attracts over 30,000 visitors every month. It's imperative that recruiters and hiring managers can utilise mobile to its max, from posting jobs, to reviewing CVs and analysing the data.

There's been a power shift - no longer are we living in a world where the employer holds all the cards, the marketplace is now candidate driven. Our industry needs to recognize this not only in relation to our clients but regarding internal evaluation. We need to attract and importantly retain the best talent. We all know that people work with people they like, and within this competitive climate and within our industry where let's face it, recruiters don't hold the best reputation, truly consultative, intelligent, conscientious and forward thinking recruiters are gold dust. There is a significant shortage of talented recruiters in the market, unfortunately also a lack of leading-edge recruiter training, and with the added well known high churn all of these factors hammer additional nails in coffins.

Video CVs and Ads - with both candidates and clients increasingly utilizing this tool, we need to all embrace this; here are at Harvey Nash Digital we partner with a number of outlets to offer Video CV's for clients and we promote ourselves through multiple media channels.

More collaborative thinking - With the shift to developing more in-house digital and marketing teams, in house recruitment teams are under even more strain to deliver the majority of hires directly. However with digital continually evolving; challenging digital requirements are becoming ever specific and complex which is where truly talented recruiters can shine. We like to embrace change and prove our worth and this is why we're being approached more and more re. our MSP offering.

More Equality - We predict more focus again on equality and diversity in the workforce next year - Harvey Nash Group has proudly signed up to the National Equality Standard - Run by EY, NES is one of the UK's most rigorous and prestigious diversity benchmarks.

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Here's to a prosperous 2016!

This interview was part of 'What are the champions of marketing and digital recruitment doing differently?' which was compiled as part of the Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards. You can read the article in full here.