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The Race of Your Life

Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis, @harveynashceo

If you work in tech (and given you are reading this we assume you do!) then you will be the first to recognize the need to stay ahead.

Skills you learnt five years ago are no longer the skills you need to thrive today. Activities that previously needed the expert skills and input of people, are increasingly being automated by AI based systems. Bespoke systems that required teams of in-house tech staff have been replaced by cloud-based systems, in some cases not even with the involvement of the tech team.

The march of technology affects everyone, and every year it does a little more of what humans do.

It’s a race.

And of course the winners in this race will be the organisations and people that keep on driving forward, that continually learn new ways to innovative and deliver value. They peddle hard because they are driven by a sense of the potential, and maybe a little paranoia.

Welcome to the 2018 Harvey Nash Technology Survey. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your business and career planning, as well as helping you win in the race of your life.

What you need to know

Some of the main take away facts from the Survey

If you want innovation, work for a younger organisation

An organisation 3 -5 years old is almost twice as likely to be ‘Very Innovative’ as one 20+ years old..

CTOs seen as more innovative than CIOs

Three in ten tech people believe the CTO is driving the digital agenda in their organisation; twice as many who feel it’s the CIO.

Age affects your career

Six in ten tech people over the age of 45 feel age will have a negative impact on their next career move*. Architects, Very Innovative organisations and women are less affected.

Bespoke software is dead

And alive. Whilst almost half of respondents think corporates will reduce investment in bespoke software, over half believe bespoke will increasingly be focused on innovation and differentiation in the market.

Don’t wait to be trained

95% of tech people are actively developing their skills. Almost 4 in ten are not waiting for their employer’s help and paying for training out of their own money.

Headhunter’s radar

Software developers remain the most in demand skill, but those developing skills in VR/ AR, automation, Big Data and DevOps are on the rise.

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Winning the race of your life

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What did you say?

From New York to New Delhi, key comments from participants

What did you say?

From New York to New Delhi, key comments from participants

Gabriel Constantinescu, Senior Business Analyst

Gabriel Constantinescu, Senior Business Analyst

'In a time frame of 5 to 10 years, there will not be a CTO , CIO and COO in most companies...all these will come under a single person that will maintain the systems in charge of the operations, technology, information and maybe finance.'
Ken Johnson, Scotland

Ken Johnson, Scotland

'Age discrimination is alive and well. This means that the most experienced people are not working on the products that they are best at.'
Tomi Juhola, Director

Tomi Juhola, Director, IT & System Development

'I think the productivity of a small, talented and motivated in-house software development team is not really understood in larger enterprises. Instead projects are built around processes and people with not enough knowledge to really contribute.'
Bob Ketterer

Bob Ketterer, USA

'AI, automation, big data and robotics are disrupting the entire US economy. The impact should escalate for 4+ years until the severe impact prevails.'
Peter Goedtkindt

Peter Goedtkindt, PhD, Head of IT & Infrastructure

'Gender imbalance is one important issue, but age discrimination is as important. The part of social contributions dedicated to the pension plan rises with age in Switzerland - so once past 50 years old, if you lose your job it is hard to re-enter the market for interesting positions.'
John Buston

John Buston, Solution Architect

'What was cutting edge ten years ago is now utility computing. That trend will continue and accelerate. The limitations on the pace of change will be balanced between: the tech industries ability to reskill fast enough, and social and corporate inertia.'
Henry Visotski

Henry Visotski, Technical Account Manager

'There are three roles that will always be in demand, no matter how the tech industry changes: programmer / engineer (provided they use a stable, widely regarded language like Java), data scientist / analyst, and sales / account manager. Of the three, the last one will never be outsourced.'
Dave Barclay

Dave Barclay

'At my age I won't get another chance for a tech post even although I have been working with tech since 1987 when the first computers were brought into the workplace to replace dumb terminals.'

Andy, Systems Architect

'I remember starting off in IT around 30 years ago (IBM mainframes, pre-tape robot days) when management threatened that the operations and development roles would soon - very soon - be fully automated. This, like fusion power (always 20 years away) has yet to come to pass.'
Mithu Sengupta

Mithu Sengupta, Technology Advisor & Digital Transformation Programme Director

'Technology is woven in every aspect of a business strategy. The CEO of a business needs to be fully bought into the importance of technology - it cannot be the responsibility of the CIO, CTO or CDO only.'
Nicholas Parham

Nicholas Parham, Technical Consultant

'Embracing technology and digitally transforming is a must if your business is going to survive. But, technology is only as powerful as the people behind it.'
Gerard Begley

Gerard Begley, Ireland

'The next five years will see massive change driven by tech. IoT allied with big data will change everything. But that will only work if we get information security in hand.'


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