The Power Of Talent

We believe in the power of talent

The power to grow, the power to create, the power to succeed

Your career with us Graduates

Exciting Day in the Office? Count yourself in!

  • The 1st recruitment company to produce an iPad App
  • 8 – offices across UK & Ireland: London, Birmingham, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle
  • 25+ years since we established in 1988
  • 30+ languages spoken across the Group
  • 40+ offices worldwide
  • 50 thought provoking events held every year
  • 100+ training courses on offer through our Talent Academy
  • 2000+ global business leaders attend our events
  • 2200+ started new careers through us last year
  • 3500+ participants in our Tech Surveys (and counting…)
  • 5000+ staff and associates globally

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