The Power Of Talent

What we do  Leadership Services

You look for assurance in every decision you make in business. Why not do the same when it comes to your leadership talent?

Diligent decision making is part of a culture of success. Selecting talent, especially at a senior level, should be no exception. Our leadership services give you the in-depth insight that should guide all your big decisions - and the assurance that you’ve chosen the very best for your business.

How we work

Harvey Nash’s business-minded leadership consultants all have lived senior-level experience. Additionally, they have deep expertise in the use of tools which are both highly predictive and credible for those experiencing them. We apply these to provide a comprehensive analysis of capability, potential and risk, as well as of fit with your organisation.

Harvey Nash has a number of certified practitioners of the Hogan Suite, a state of the art assessment tool which is used in search assignments, leadership assessments and on-boarding.

The results

Top senior talent delivers up to 50% better ROI on salary compared to average performers. So it’s simply good business sense to require assurance that you know what you’re getting from a candidate, or what you’ve got with a team.