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Recruitment Managed Services Pop-up Managed Service Programme

What is a pop-up Managed Service Programme?

A pop-up Managed Service Programme (MSP) is a project based service. It has a defined start and end date. It provides you with flexibility, is easy to implement, and can operate with your existing supplier relationships or as a separate ring fenced function.

Its core function is the same as a traditional MSP programme, with the only difference being that a pop-up will come to an end when the project is complete.

Do I need a pop-up MSP?

This solution is ideal if:

  • you have a project, initiative or campaign that will result a spike in recruitment
  • you’re looking to strategically increase permanent head count
  • you want to tactically take on a number of contractors or temps to meet demand

Our pop-up MSP is a flexible and cost-effective solution, using a defined deadline and working to a clear set of deliverables. We get up and running as quickly as possible, so you’ll see a positive impact from day one.

View our overview of our Pop-up Contractor Management Services (PDF)