What was your greatest achievement in your last role?


• The interview wants to gain a better picture of exactly what you did in your previous role. This is a very open question and may tempt you to waffle in your response so avoid this by being very specific and illustrating your role with a well thought through example.
• Look to use facts and figures in your answer

Example bad answer:

• “We improved sales significantly through a major change initiative”
• Commentary: there is no clear evidence of what was achieved by this person, who is the ‘we’? How significant was the sales improvement? Did it make any difference to the bottom line? What was the change initiative?

Example good answer:

• "I was responsible for improving sales by 25% throughout Europe through a major restructuring of the sales and account management team of 45 people."
• Commentary: this is a good opening response as it focuses on the facts to draw in the interviewer's attention. Look to move quickly onto putting a 'personal' slant onto this by emphasising the particular challenges the project had and how your overcame them.