Diversity toolkit

Business leaders give unique perspectives on creating a diverse workforce

Diversity Toolkit Interview

Michael Cole-Fontayn

Michael Cole-Fontayn

Chairman EMEA

BNY Mellon is the oldest banking corporation in the United States, with origins stretching back to the establishment of the Bank of New York in 1784. This global investments company employs more than 9,000 people in EMEA alone.

Interview - Laying the foundations for cultural change

BNY Mellon has invested significantly in creating an inclusive and diverse culture. Employee engagement committees have been created across its international operations to help senior management teams drive open collaborative and inclusive dialogue about diversity. They have recently held a diversity and inclusion week, with over 140 events in 22 different locations across the region, further raising overall awareness in the business.

Michael believes it is critical that what you do is measured – if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Consistency of tone from the senior management is so important – this is not just a fashionable fad, it is something that makes the business more resilient, more agile and more relevant to clients.

Clients are also very diverse in their needs, requirements and their own talent. The interface between BNY Mellon talent and the client’s talent is what creates the partnerships, which in turn creates successful, productive and mutually profitable relationships.

Unconscious bias training has had a significant impact. A key part of this has been the roll out of interactive courses and questionnaires that have helped people understand their own attitudes and how it can affect their judgement. In addition there is also targeted classroom training for businesses where feedback has particularly highlighted the need.

BNY Mellon is also fully engaged with, and supportive of, external organisations such as Opportunity Now and the 30% Club, which was founded by one of its own employees.