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Diversity Toolkit Interview

Cilla Snowball

Cilla Snowball

Group Chairman and Group Chief Executive, AMV

AMV is part of the BBDO network, the third largest agency network in the world, with 288 offices across 80 countries. With BBDO, AMV is in good company. BBDO is recognised as both the world’s most creative and effective agency network.

Interview - Knowing the numbers

Cilla has worked in advertising for over three decades, and has seen many changes throughout that time. At AMV BBDO the workforce is evenly split between men and women and the representation of women at senior levels is good.

Currently 22% of ad agencies are run by women and Cilla feels more needs to be done to improve numbers on the creative side.

She feels her success is down to a combination of hard work and opportunities, but the most important decision was where to work in the first place. Once you have found a supportive culture, regardless of gender, work hard, develop your knowledge and confidence and do the best you can in each role. Opportunities will arise as a consequence of that.

Role models are very important and as an industry leader, she is committed to reaching out to schools and universities to give more access and knowledge so that there is more awareness of the opportunities in advertising.

In AMV BBDO, the culture is based on strong values and it works very hard to recruit people who are aligned with these values. The culture is highly collaborative, with a high-quality standard at the heart of everything it does. It inspires its people so that in turn they inspire their clients.

It is important to Cilla that there are wide-ranging opportunities available and cultural diversity is key in the global marketplace. The workforce diversity numbers are balanced and the executive team is always mindful of the numbers.

It is not forced, but actually an intrinsic part of the culture there and the business case for it is wholly understood by each individual.