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Cian Crosse

Senior Consultant – Software Development Team Lead

I specialise in two things I’m truly passionate about: technology and people.

I’m lucky enough to have come from a diverse and multicultural background, having been brought up in the Middle East (Bahrain) and undertaking my studies in Ireland. I first realised that dealing with people was definitely my forte when I worked in a B2C sales environment in Australia. I absolutely loved it. I have learnt that everyone has a story and it is always important to listen. This coupled with my love of technology allows me to be truly passionate about my work. I started my recruitment career specialising in the software development space and now focus on delivering top class talent within IT Leadership. I found this change has broadened my understanding of technology and strengthened my knowledge of strategic agendas for IT Leaders.

Expertise: Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers, Development managers, Product managers and IT Directors.

Office Location: Dublin