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What we do  Analytics & Business Intelligence

One of the key commodities in business today is data; but one of the biggest problems in most companies today is that there just far too much data flying around for them to actually make any real sense of it.

By implementing the right systems and tools to record and use all this data, it becomes information. Analysed correctly, this information becomes knowledge, and knowledge learned is then implemented into the business to improve process and overall functionality, offering distinct business advantages.

Business Intelligence is becoming a very sought-after skillset across companies as they begin to realise the added value of collating data and using this to give them a competitive advantage in their markets, and internally within the business.

Harvey Nash Ireland’s specialist Business Intelligence recruitment team cover a broad range of roles including Data and Information Architecture, Data Warehousing, MIS, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Data and Process Modelling, Metadata, Data Quality and Data Integration.

Our highly experienced team specialise in recruiting permanent and contract roles across all areas of Business Intelligence and Analytics. With nearly 10 years of experience between them, you’ll be working with true professionals.

Our areas of expertise


  • Oracle PL/SQL & SQL/T-SQL Developers
  • Oracle & SQL Database Administrators
  • Data Architect's
  • Data warehouse Developer
  • ETL Developer
  • Siebel Administrator

Analytics / Business Intelligence

  • Data Analysts
  • Management Information Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • OBIEE Developer