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What we do  IT Interim

We provide rapid access to the most effective IT interims in the marketplace for periods of change, transformation or challenge.

In today’s shifting economic climate where innovation is essential for survival, businesses need to have access to experts who can tackle these tough objectives and effect considerable change.

Why hire an IT interim?

Whether you’re looking to stabilise, integrate, secure funding, enter new markets or restructure, we can connect you to interims with the significant track record and cultural fit needed for these important assignments.

Our consultants specialise in placing pivotal IT interim professionals across the following areas:

  • Transformation and Turnaround
  • Target Operating Model Design and Implementation
  • Strategy Design and Review
  • Programme Leadership
  • ERP
  • Technical Architecture
  • Interim CIO/IT Leadership

Our IT interim experts

All our consultants are rigorously trained, meaning they have the skills to identify hugely experienced professionals who can be on the ground running within a matter of days.

Our Interim community includes leading CIOs, Programme Directors, Transformation Directors and Architects - all meticulously interviewed and assessed. Because of their track record and ability to quickly get to the heart of any problem, IT Interims are a highly cost-effective way of delivering long-term results within a short space of time.