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Harvey Nash Dublin Technology Event 2015

We kicked off our 4th technology event in great spirits as Sonya took to the stage to get everyone in the mood for some technology talks.She kept the introduction upbeat and spoke to us about the challenges that we face in the technology sector as well as the innovative creations that companies are bringing to the market.

So how are we doing?

Gavin then took to the floor to run through the overall results of the survey conducted.  The key focus here was that Ireland is nearly back in business, the Celtic Tiger is making his comeback.  From this then we will see an increase in the number of jobs next year which was announced this year. This will essentially make us the poster boys of Europe.  One of the key trends from not only what Gavin was saying but also from the night overall was that mobile technologies are key for most businesses and this is constantly changing and updating within the market. How people and businesses look at mobile have changed and mobile is the tool that is crucial for businesses. The most obvious piece of evidence is the word of the year that was added to the Oxford dictionary, the emoji.

High calibre of speakers on the night

What I got from the speakers was that their businesses are all thriving in the current market, not only locally but internationally and their plan for the future.  They all individually brought the same theme into their presentation, the theme of innovativeness and driving the business forward. You could see that all of the speakers were extremely passionate about their business and the product that they worked with. What was also evident was that these companies, Fenergo, iTagged, Intercom, Huskies, Gilt and Uber have all emerged on the back of a recession and are still here to tell their story; each of the company's growth has been phenomenal over the past 5-6 years.

Ensuring the customers' needs was a powerful message that came through from each of the speakers as without the customer, there would be no need for the product.  Technology is adapting to suit the individual needs of people and with this being said, there is more of an emphasis on mobile technologies as we as consumers need mobiles to survive and fit in in this world. Most environments whether they be work or home require the use of mobile technologies and companies are constantly trying to keep up with this ongoing trend.

What can we learn from the night?

One clear trend from the evening is that mobile technologies and the use of mobiles by customers is only getting bigger and stronger and the likes of Uber and iTagged need to respond to their customer's needs.  One of the key phrases that stuck out for me was when Adrian from Gilt (originated from Peter Drucker) said, 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. If we are not conforming to the right culture norms, then our strategies will be off.  A strong culture doesn't mean that you can't make changes therefore; this only pushes companies to make the right changes.

We value our customers but what we also value more is very ambitious employees that see the potential that each of the speakers believe in for their company. The more people that believe in the same values, the future we can build on technologies and with that being said, opportunities are endless.

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Emma Breen
Harvey Nash Dublin