The Power Of Talent

We believe in the power of talent

The power to grow, the power to create, the power to succeed

About Us  Our Values

‘Culture’ is a hard thing to pin down, but something - over and above our service lines and size - has made Harvey Nash Ireland what it is today. We believe it comes down to our professionalism, determination, integrity, passion, ambition, sense of fun and innovative approach.

Our consultants sum up what these values mean to them:

“Professionalism is at the fore of all that we do here in Harvey Nash Ireland. You can see it in the way we interact externally with candidates, clients and partners, as well as the way we treat each other internally. Each consultant here carries themselves with dignity, courtesy and respect in all their dealings with others. Not a day goes by that I am not impressed by the visible professionalism on display.”

“Determination is always seeing the end goal and never stopping until it is achieved. Harvey Nash Technology admires and acknowledges this process and we don’t stop until we find the perfect match for both our clients and candidates to achieve the success and goals they always envisaged.”

"Integrity is more than a word for us - it’s a value that we believe in, a value that we live. We are transparent in our actions, honest in our words and show respect and sincerity in all our endeavours.”

"We're passionate in Harvey Nash Ireland! We talk about Harvey Nash all the time, we build communities around our contacts and leaders, and we’re simply PROUD of being part of Harvey Nash and take every opportunity to encourage others to join."

"Everyone in the office works really well together and much of this is down to sharing the same goals. In a job like ours, if you starting thinking you’re the very best you can soon get complacent and it won’t be long before someone takes your place. However, everyone here always works hard to further better themselves and their achievements. That’s what makes us successful!”

"We believe in celebrating every success and definitely have a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. Our incentives range from Friday night drinks at the local to exciting ski trips in Europe. We consistently achieve these incentives through sheer determination and hard work. We have a passion for social responsibility, and enjoy taking part in charity fundraisers. We participate in these activities outside of work hours and enjoy doing this a team, which ultimately brings our group closer in a fun environment!"

"As a team, we’re a group of individuals who place a strong emphasis on creating and implementing new solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and candidates. If these solutions don’t exist, we create them!”