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#YETNorth event - The Power of Community

April 9th - Barclays Eagle Lab, Manchester M2 6LW, UK

The #YouEqualTech community started in 2017 in London and is slowly becoming a leading community, making change happen through their meetups and network. With over 3000 people in the London group we felt it was time to bring #YouEqualTech to the North to expand its reach and impact.

With diversity and inclusion at the forefront, our goal is to connect the technology and digital industry to the outside world, through learning, sharing initiatives and having the opportunity to hear and see role models from under-represented groups in tech. #YouEqualTechNorth (#YETNorth) will be holding regular events and each one will aim to provide practical advice on driving diversity within the technology industry.

To register, please click here.

Contact: Reena Bhatt