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1. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which voting rights are attached: HARVEY NASH GROUP PLC
2 Reason for the notification (please tick the appropriate box or boxes): An acquisition or disposal of voting rights
3. Full name of person(s) subject to the notification obligation:Funds under the discretionary management of DBAY Advisors Limited
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.):CREDIT SUISSE CLIENT NOMINEES (UK) LTD & J.P. MORGAN PRIME NOMINEES LIMITED
5. Date of the transaction and date on which the threshold is crossed or reached:8 MAY 2017
6. Date on which issuer notified: 10 MAY 2017
7. Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or reached: OVER 22%

8. Notified details:
A: Voting rights attached to shares
Class/type of shares if possible using the ISIN CODE GB0006573546
Situation previous to the triggering transaction
Number of Shares 13,104,684
Number of Voting Rights 13,104,684

Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
Number of shares Direct 16,471,823
Number of voting rights Direct 16,471,823
% of voting rights x Direct 22.43%

B: Qualifying Financial Instruments
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
Type of financial instrument
Expiration date xiii
Exercise/Conversion Period xiv
Number of voting rights that may be acquired if the instrument is exercised/ converted.
% of voting rights

C: Financial Instruments with similar economic effect to Qualifying Financial Instruments xv, xvi
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
Type of financial instrument
Exercise price
Expiration date xvii
Exercise/Conversion period xviii
Number of voting rights instrument refers to % of voting rights Nominal Delta

Total (A+B+C)
Number of voting rights 16,471,823 SHARES
Percentage of voting rights 22.43%

9. Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or the
financial instruments are effectively held, if applicable: xxi

Proxy Voting:
10. Name of the proxy holder:
11. Number of voting rights proxy holder will cease to hold:
12. Date on which proxy holder will cease to hold voting rights:

13. Additional information:
15. Contact telephone number: 01624 690900