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Harvey Nash Oil & Gas Board dinner, in aid of RAFT

8th October 2013 London -- Almost one hundred executives from the energy sector attended an evening at Sartoria Restaurant in Mayfair, London, to discuss and debate issues in the oil and gas sector, as well as raise money for the charity RAFT

The evening, kindly sponsored by PwC, was hosted by Harvey Nash’s Head of Oil & Gas practice Sherree Young, and keynote speaker for the night was Lord Digby Jones whose topic was ‘A Walk Around the World’.  We also heard from the chairman of RAFT, Francis Gugen, who spoke about the great work his charity is doing around medical research into wound healing. 

Malcolm Graham-Wood, of VSA Capital, captured the networked nature of the evening well in his influential and popular blog, which we reproduce here.

Our photographer was there to capture the evening in photos.

Key themes presented and debated on the night include:

Oil and Gas industry is key to developing and maintaining the British economy due to taxation
Asia and Brazil will lead the future of business, 1/5 imported foods come from Brazil and Rio holds a wealth of opportunity for the Oil industry
The economic changes the government has had to make over the past 5 years will be here to stay with the public putting more pressure on the public sector
Over the years there have been three major changes in the world which will have an impact on our country and ultimately businesses…
        o Consumerization - social media has changed the way  
        o Urbanisation of the developing world
        o Migration - the number of people moving from the developing countries into the western world will put immense pressure on resources
Oil and Gas infrastructure will have ensure its infrastructure is stable enough to cope with the changes
Fracking is needed for the stability for the UK economy, we should put our trust in the experts
Women should be encouraged onto boards but (Lord Digby Jones) doesn’t believe in regulating this - it should be done based on merit of talent, which there is an abundance of within female directors in the UK

It is key to engage people at grass roots to secure a talent pipeline
Oil and Gas industry must be more visual within all aspects of education to ensure the industry’s continued wealth creation
Bad press, protestors, bad business practice has all had a damaging effect on the way people see the industry, especially the younger generations
This is creating a gap in emerging talent
It is important for companies to display honourable business codes of conduct and empathy about the environment
Green energy sells with consumers and shareholders
UK O&G companies need to lead by example and get involved within education to continue O&G wealth creation for the state
Engage with schools and Universities at all levels create understanding, interest and knowledge of the industry
Apprenticeship programs are key to bringing in young talent