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Magnus Tegborg introduces the latest issue of Alumni's journal AQ

Magnus Tegborg, CEO of Alumni and Harvey Nash Nordic and member of Harvey Nash plc's Executive Committee, introduces the latest issue of Alumni's AQ Journal. Alumni is the cornerstone of Harvey Nash's Executive Search and Leadership Services business in the Nordic region. 

This issue highlights various perspectives on corporate governance in Private Equity-owned firms - how do PE firms govern through their own investment professionals, the Board of Directors and management. Is PE an Engine of Growth? What can PE and non-PE firms learn from each other? 

From Alumni's years of working with investors, boards and leaders in the PE sector we have observed a growing emphasis on the quality of human capital. A key factor separating those who truly succeed from those who don't is their ability to correctly assess, develop and support the leaders in the companies they invest in. "In our experience, the PE firms that do this most successfully strike a fine balance between supporting, developing and motivating management to build long-term mutual trust and commitment, and acting swiftly if management changes are needed", says Jan Hemmingson, managing director of Alumni Nordic. A challenge that we see today in our industry is attracting the right calibre of leaders, even in the PE sector. Candidates today do a more thorough review of the business case and the PE firm behind the investment. Also, in today's current economic climate PE firms find it more important than ever to select those leaders who can manage uncertainty and change. 

Exceptional leaders and talent will always be in high demand. In-depth analysis of critical leadership competencies and behaviours required to make businesses successful is therefore something that we are continuously working on and developing. 

Magnus Tegborg is managing director of Alumni and Harvey Nash Nordic. 

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About Alumni: 

Alumni is the Nordic region's largest and most innovative consultancy within Executive Search and Leadership Services and has for more than 20 years developed tools and services to strengthen our clients' organisations. 

Alumni's clients span the entire business community and public sectors. Annually our 40 consultants and 20 researchers place more than 170 executives in key positions. 

We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Warsaw. Internationally we work through our owner Harvey Nash, with more than 35 offices in Europe, the US and Asia. 

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