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What we do Leadership Consulting

At Harvey Nash, we understand how people can influence an organisation’s culture and accomplishments. Having the right leaders, in the right place at the right time, is pivotal to any organisation’s success.

We also know that diligent decision-making is part of a culture of achievement. Selecting and developing talent, especially at a senior level, should be no exception. Harvey Nash’s Leadership Consulting practice provides clients with the in-depth insight to guide their decisions and the assurance that they have invested in the very best for their business.

Our experienced consultants help our clients assess and develop their existing leadership, as well as new leaders and talent. Harvey Nash Leadership Consulting provides expertise and support to boards of directors, executive management teams, and HR in many of the critical phases of leadership development.

  • We combine the expertise of chartered psychologists with business intelligence, enabling us to bring psychological insight, a genuine understanding of our client’s business, and functional knowledge to our projects
  • We have built an extensive pool of market information for benchmarking purposes
  • Our size and geographical spread means we can deliver large-scale and international projects with relevant local cultural sensitivity
  • We have deep expertise of the use of highly predictive and credible tools and we apply these to provide genuine insight into strengths, potential risks and cultural fit of individuals and teams

We help our clients take decisive action on people, whether for the purposes of:

  • Pre-investment due diligence
  • Internal and external candidate selection
  • On-boarding and career transition support
  • High potentials identification and development
  • Succession planning
  • Executive development and transition
  • Structural change or reorganisation
  • Building and developing management teams
  • Board effectiveness

We work globally, extending the consistency, flexibility and scalability of our client’s HR processes. For any assistance or further information please contact our Leadership Consulting Team

Assessment Solutions

Our solutions are customised to the needs of our clients, but we start by understanding what high performance in role or for the team would look like, to create a blueprint for talent evaluation.

We deploy the best mix of tools for the requirements of the role(s), and the goals and culture of the business, from:

  • Personality (psychometric) assessments
  • Ability and critical reasoning tests
  • Culture & motivational fit inventories
  • Structured, in-depth interviews
  • 360 feedback
  • Assessment activities such as business simulations, role plays and group exercises

We provide comprehensive feedback to create transparency and add value in the process.

We apply these principles to:

Assessments for Selection

The more that is known and understood about a potential key employee, the better the investment in that person will be. It is imperative to understand the person, to be able to assess the likelihood of them excelling in the role. The executive profiling process illuminates both past and current performance, capability and leadership style, as well as personal values and motivational drivers to take on a specific challenge. By surfacing potential risks, the organisation protects its brand, its employees, its investors and the interests of candidates. Our assessments include the use of a selection of psychometric tests as well as structured interviews focusing on personality, leadership, knowledge, and experience, which together with a background analysis form the basis for an interview performed by an expert consultant.

Second Opinion Assessments

Through our second opinion service, we offer organisations an objective evaluation of individuals who are being considered for employment, internal promotion or re-deployment. Second opinions are an exceptionally useful tool when the organisation needs to create transparency around the selection process when comparing external and internal candidates, and to form a better understanding of the candidate’s strengths and areas for development. We also provide this objective, third party insight when a client has sourced the candidate elsewhere.

Management Audit

A management audit involves conducting a thorough analysis of the senior team’s strengths and areas for development, in the context of the organisation’s business goals. The evaluation focuses on the qualities that are critical to the business and can be a helpful counter to any preconceptions held within the organisation. Our management audit ensures in-depth assessments at both the individual and team levels, including an exploration of team dynamics. All participants receive objective, open and honest feedback about their capabilities and how to enhance their contribution to the team.

High Potentials Identification

We provide a globally consistent, transparent and predictive diagnostic and development experience, that enables our clients to identify the readiness of their managers and high potentials for more senior leadership roles.

Leadership Development & Consulting

Our approach to leadership development is rooted in an understanding of our clients’ business strategy and objectives. This is why we start by helping our clients identify and articulate the differentiators that will enable their leaders to drive these goals. Evaluating their current and future capability and capacity in these areas gives them concrete evidence on which to take action.

We apply these principles to:

High Potentials Development

The challenge for many organisations is to accelerate the rate at which exceptionally able individuals become ‘executive-ready’. Our highly targeted, individualised development programmes achieve this by integrating coaching, advice around development experiences, leveraging local management support, increasing personal accountability, and measurement that links back to business impact.

Executive Development

For an executive to want to change, there needs to be a degree of self-insight around their impact, and whether past strategies will be effective in achieving new imperatives. This is why assessment is uniquely powerful. Our coaches use a range of techniques that incentivise and enable the lasting personal change that will differentiate the individual as an exceptional business leader.

Management/Executive Team Development

Most business leaders tell us that their senior teams are held back by a lack of collective alignment, rather than by an absence of individual talent. We aim to bring clarity around purpose, values and goals, as well as individual roles and behaviours, in order to speed the team’s progress towards business objectives.

Talent Management Strategy & Implementation

Having the right leaders and key executives in the right roles is the foundation for realising vision and strategy. Harvey Nash has many years' experience of supporting organisations in this goal, and creating or developing complete talent management processes or parts of the process.

Career transition support

During times of change, experienced and valued executives may elect to leave the organisation, or restructuring may create the need for fewer resources. Supporting those affected through the career and life transition is a priority for many organisations seeking to manage their employer brand. We partner with clients to deliver an efficient and practical career coaching programme for key executives and managers, both individually and in cohorts.

Board Evaluation

The strategic and performance related demands on the board are increasing - as a result a board review is crucial in ensuring effectiveness and success. Our quantitative and qualitative investigation provides an insight into how the board works and where there are areas for improvement. The evaluation highlights how the chairman and CEO perform their roles and manage their responsibilities, and what contribution each individual board member makes. The analysis of both the composition and expertise within the board is also of central importance.

Diversity Consulting

The benefits of a balanced boardroom and a strong pipeline of diverse talent are clear. We work with our clients to ensure they are gaining the maximum business benefit from the available talent, their business is future-proof and they have pinpointed dynamic leaders for the years to come. Harvey Nash has developed a world-class Executive Search Talent Pool Programme in association with our Diversity networks (Inspire, Aspire and Engage, that enables us to support clients wishing to attract, retain and develop the best executive talent from all backgrounds.


The first ninety days in a new role are have a high impact on the subsequent success of that individual. Our own research, in which we interviewed some 200 executives who had recently changed jobs showed, that 39% considered leaving in their first 90 days, and a 2009 study of some 20,000 executive searches revealed that up to 40 percent of executives are pushed out, fail, or quit within 18 months.

The challenge lies in managing the balance between the new executive proving their mettle and demonstrating accomplishments quickly, and providing a new hire with time and support to orient themselves, connect, and gather real insight before taking action.

We support our clients by providing fresh insight on how to accelerate their transition into the new roles, in addition to increasing the rate at which they have the intended business impact which in turn, helps to maximise retention.

Our approach

We start by understanding what high performance in role or for the team would look like, to create a blueprint for talent evaluation. We deploy the best mix of tools for the requirements of the role(s), and the goals and culture of the business, using a combination of:

  • Personality (psychometric) assessment
  • Ability and critical reasoning assessment
  • Senior team workshops and interventions
  • Structured behavioural or motivational interviews
  • 360 feedback
  • Assessment activities such as business simulations, role plays and group exercises

We embed measurement and sustainability in the process, which is how we know that our client partnerships make an enduring difference to their business success.

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