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There is a direct correlation between the composition, dynamic and working practices of the board of directors, and the success of an organisation.

International corporate governance has changed radically over recent years. The effectiveness and performance of boards is top of the agenda, as decisions are scrutinised and monitored closely by the media, stakeholders and company owners.

The work of today's boards of directors is transparent and in ever-increasing focus - the boardroom door is no longer closed and the demands and responsibilities of board members keep on growing. Corporate governance is a dynamic area that is constantly under review, both locally and globally, to meet the demands and expectations of different stakeholders.

Harvey Nash Executive Search works with chairmen, non-executive directors, chief executives and other board directors, providing a variety of services including board evaluations, board recruitment, incentive schemes for boards and executive management audits.

Board Evaluation

The strategic and performance related demands on the board are increasing - as a result a board review is crucial in ensuring board effectiveness and business success. Harvey Nash Executive Search provides board evaluations to help clients realise their strengths and weaknesses and optimise company performance.

Our quantitative and qualitative investigation provides an insight into how the board works and where there are areas for improvement. The evaluation highlights how the chairman and CEO perform their roles and manage their responsibilities, and what contribution each individual board member makes. The analysis of both the composition and expertise within the board is also of central importance.

Each evaluation assignment is tailored to the needs and expectations of the board, and the distinct challenges the organisation will face in the future, in addition to taking previous reviews and assessments of the board’s performance into account.

We also offer management and executive audits to specifically evaluate the CEO and the rest of the management team, facilitating the board’s responsibility to continuously monitor the day-to-day management of the business.

Board Recruitment

An effective board of directors, with the right composition, safeguards the company's development and both supports and challenges the CEO.

Boards of directors are now expected to meet even higher standards of professionalism and expertise. Harvey Nash Executive Search helps clients to raise the bar, finding the right talent for both executive leadership and non-executive chairmen roles, to drive organisations in these changing times.

Increasingly, the focus has been directed towards what external and independent board members can bring to the table. The average term of office for board members is steadily declining and clearer demands are being made for long-term succession planning.

We understand the complexity of the role facing today's board members, and we utilise our international expertise to identify outstanding individuals. Harvey Nash Executive Search is a trusted partner to boards seeking new directors. We offer our clients different search processes and tailor the process to the client's specific needs. Through years of experience we have developed a carefully structured network of contacts through our global offices - we leave no avenue unexplored in our mission to secure the right talent for our clients.

30% Club

Harvey Nash Executive Search is a member of the 30% Club in both the UK and Hong Kong. Harvey Nash has signed up to the voluntary code of conduct for the executive search community, to address gender diversity on corporate boards and best practice for the related search processes.