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Our Company Diversity

Diversity consciousness is at the core of our own employment decisions as well as in our client engagements. Diversity is fully integrated in our search processes and we aim to inspire our clients to adopt the same mind-set.

Being part of a truly global organisation, we have first-hand knowledge of, and a steadfast belief, that diversity and inclusion results in business success. Our business is living proof of this, as not only do women make up almost half of our senior management team, but one of our key principles is that our local management teams comprise of nationals from the country of operation.


Inspire is a global business forum where senior board-level women, CEOs, non-executive directors and chairs, share and exchange ideas and experiences with their peers.

Founded in 2008 by Carol Rosati a Director of the Board Practice at Harvey Nash Executive Search, the network now connects over 5000 board-level, like-minded and inspirational individuals, from all areas of industry both in the private and public sector worldwide.

Through our network of relationships and our connection with Harvey Nash, we offer advice and connectivity to the women, helping them advance their business careers.

30% Club

Harvey Nash Executive Search is a supporter of the 30% Club in both the UK and Hong Kong. we have signed up to the voluntary code of conduct for the executive search community, to address gender diversity on corporate boards and best practice for the related search processes.

UK government accreditation for Women on Boards work

Harvey Nash is one of only 8 firms to be awarded full accreditation by the Lord Davies' Steering Group for Women on Boards working with the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation. The accreditation recognises the valuable work Harvey Nash is doing with companies outside the FTSE 350.

In particular, the accreditation certifies that Harvey Nash has:

  • Supported and promoted the appointment of women to substantial boards of small cap, private equity, mutual, international and subsidiary businesses, including the public service and voluntary sectors over the last year.
  • Achieved a proportion of at least 33% female appointments in its board work (across both Executive and Non-Executive Director roles).
  • Demonstrated a proven track record of enabling women to achieve their first substantial board appointment and complied with all of the best practice provisions set out in the Standard and Enhanced Code laid out in the Lord Davies Review.