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Inspire Insider Newsletter March 2015

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As well as sunshine and Spring flowers there are further signs of progress for women on boards as we celebrated this year's International Women's Day (8 March). March has already been a month to remember with Germany legislating gender quotas and in the UK, Business Secretary Vince Cable hosted a dinner for the 160 successful women appointed to FTSE 100 boards since 2011.

Later this month (25 March), Cranfield University will reveal the latest figures for the UK and what more needs to be done to reach Lord Davies' 25% target. The Financial Times shared a spoiler alert predicting that this won't be met by 2015. We are hopeful that the momentum will continue and confident that the talent is out there.

Elsewhere, the journey hasn't even started. In Japan women hold just 1.5% of board positions, and the commotion caused by Patricia Arquette at the Oscars reminds us that gender pay inequality persists in the developed world. The UK is finally seeking to address the issue and will require from next year large companies to publish gender pay differences.

We still have a long way to go and so much more needs to be done to address the pipeline, but the tops are spinning in the right direction. Inspire has been working with some of the UK's leading businesses to produce our Diversity Toolkit who admit that the job is never done but the rewards of diversity far outweigh any challenges. Read full newsletter here

Carol Rosati 
Global Head of Inspire