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Resilient Leadership - Managing Stress workshop

November 27th - Kee Club, Hong Kong

In this hectic world of 24/7 connectivity, it's essential that we maintain a sense of balance. HR leaders are responsible for helping those within their organisations to do the same.  Work is still regarded as the main source of stress across the globe, for example 55% of workers in Hong Kong say their stress has risen in the past year.

At this Resilient Leadership event, Harvey Nash will explore the current challenges and opportunities facing HR leaders as identified through the annual HR Survey.   This event will serve to enable guests to understand the critical elements related to stress and learn practical tips on how to build their personal resilience and ultimately a resilient workforce.  The workshop element of this event will be run by Ignition Coaching.

Name of any speakers: Kully Jaswal and Cristina Rodenbeck

Contact: Sophie Gray, Director of Marketing and Communications APAC +852 3199 6942