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CIO Survey Introduction

No technology leader needs to be told that the pace of technological change is quickening. They, perhaps more than any other executive, see it everywhere.

Whether it’s the ‘big’ things like the board looking for guidance about how technology can create new business models, to the more prosaic, like walking into an executive meeting and seeing a peer proudly accessing the network holding a non-standard (and perhaps non-secure) new device, the CIO sees it all.

The Watering Hole

In the past, the IT organisation was like a water company; a natural monopoly strictly plumbed into, and in control of, everything we did. But things are changing, and today much of what IT does might be better described as a ‘watering hole’; a place that attracts, unites and gives fuel to often quite disparate groups of people who are there by choice, not compulsion.

For the CIO, the difference can be radical; control is replaced by influence, structure by fluidity, certainty by ambiguity.

This year’s Harvey Nash CIO Survey, published in association with KPMG, and proudly presenting the views of almost 4,000 technology leaders, shines a light on these important changes.

From board priorities to business relationships to careers, the CIO Survey provides insights and guidance about how to succeed in this fastchanging environment.

Despite the world becoming more ambiguous, one thing is for certain: it has never been a more exciting time to be a technology leader.


Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis

Chief Executive, Harvey Nash Group

Marc Snyder

Marc Snyder

Managing Director, CIO Advisory, Global Centre of Excellence, KPMG in the US