As I read the findings from this year’s survey I am hit by the sheer scale of change we have witnessed since our first edition hit desks in 1998.

For 14 years Harvey Nash has brought together CIOs from around the world to understand the trends impacting their role and their organisation. Over the period, the role has developed almost as fast as the technology the CIO utilises.

Last year we evidenced the different speed at which certain industries and CIOs were emerging from the tumult of the global recession. This year the focus is on growth, but where to find it?

Here are a few of the trends that convinced me the CIO is a central figure in the search for growth:

  • 56 percent of CIOs are now focused on projects that make money rather than save money
  • 60 percent have responsibilities beyond their national borders
  • 68 percent see the role of the CIO becoming more strategic in future
  • Digital media and social media are dominating CIO innovation projects
  • Outsourcing key development skills will be a priority for 46 percent of CIOs this year
  • CIOs are looking for ambitious employers. Almost a third of CIOs moved job in the last two years; 34 percent said the reason was for a bigger challenge

I would like to thank TelecityGroup for sponsoring the 2012 Harvey Nash CIO Survey.

As usual you will find analysis on regular topics like the CIO career, remuneration, skills demand and CIO priorities, as well as a new section exploring CIO diversity and the role of women in IT.

I hope you enjoy reading the 2012 survey results as much as I did.

Chief Executive,
Harvey Nash Plc