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Recruitment and Technology Outsourcing Contractor Management and Payroll Services

Taking care of the risk

Your contingent labour force is incredibly valuable, but also comes with hefty responsibilities. We take responsibility and control of your contingent workforce to make sure your business gets the maximum benefit, while also reducing risk and controlling spend.

Payroll Services

Payrolling contingent staff can be time-consuming and costly, and complicated by challenging local legislation. Switzerland particularly has very stringent legal requirements concerning the management and payrolling of contingent contract labour. We are experts in this area, and bring all of our international knowledge to deliver effective payroll and billing services to many of the worlds’ leading organisations.

Contractor Audit

Our PRINCE2 certified audit team work with your business to explore and document your contractor population. We put together a detailed audit report that covers:

  • How many contractors you have on site
  • What they are being paid (and whether it’s in line with market rates)
  • Whether your recruitment agencies are working to the agreed margins
  • Whether all UK legislation being adhered to

Having this powerful information means we can help you correct areas of non-compliance and pass back significant cost savings, all while reducing risk.

Contract Administration and Document Management

Whether you’re a large multinational or an SME, you can face increasingly complex legislation that directly affects your ability to do business. We make sure that every temporary or contingent worker you engage is compliant as well as taking responsibility for the contractual relationships with suppliers.Our market-leading tools and processes mean we manage, collate and store the necessary myriad of legal documentation in a safe and effective way.