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Harvey Nash Switzerland HR Leadership Event

Harvey Nash Swiss HR Leadership Event - Event Blog, Zürich

On 8th June 2015 we invited for the 4th time HR specialists to our annual HR Leadership Event. This year's topic: Modern talent management and models for employees aged 50+. About 40 HR specialists joined us at Hotel St. Gotthard in Zurich to listen to the speakers and to take part in the networking apéro to discuss the presentations.

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After the welcome drinks, Katja Hassler, Sales Manager for HN Zurich's Permanent division, introduced the agenda and topic. Afterwards Simon Hindle, Sales Director for HN Switzerland, gave a short presentation and overview of the company.

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The topic "employees 50+" is rapidly becoming more and more important for HR specialists in Switzerland. We already touched on some aspects of this topic last year in our HR event. Due to a shortage of talent in generation Y, companies have to focus more on their older employees.As such, HR specialists are now realising, that a well organised talent management program is essential for the future of their company.

The presentations:

Bettina Kurth, Head HR, Swiss Life AG:
Strategic Talent Management at Swiss Life AG

Renato Merz, CEO, Consenec AG:
Insight into the business model of Consenec

Karin Mahler, Leiterin Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit, Gesundheit und Soziales, SBB AG:
Models for the future - Retirement and models for the work life at SBB

Bettina Kurth, Head of HR, Swiss Life AG
In her presentation, Bettina Kurth gave us insights into the strategic talent development at Swiss Life AG. After a brief portrait of Swiss Life AG, she went on to discuss: potential - Human Capital Matrix, methods and procedures, Leadership Program Talents and learning architecture. Mrs. Kurth explained that it is impossible to achieve great talent management without time investment. Another method which supports the success of their talent management program is direct mentoring by senior managers of more junior employees. She went on to explain that employees who feel connected and engaged with their employer will go on to have greater success within the business. As such, the sustainable talent development and promotion of junior employees plays a vital part in the strategic future of the company.

Renato Merz, Managing Director, Consenec AG
Consenec AG (founded by ABB Switzerland Ltd, Alstom AG and Bombardier Transportation AG), introduced their business model which offers experienced managers over 60 years of age a career opportunity. Consenec maintains a pool of specialists, sourced from all three parent companies, who will be used for interim and consultancy assignments. Their employees have further advantages such as:

  • Flexible transfer period from work to retirement
  • Securing an employment contract up to 65 years of age
  • Opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience to successor(s)

Consenec's innovative business model also gives younger employees a chance to get promoted.

Karin Mahler, Manager Employability, wealth and social, SBB AG SBB AG,
Switzerland's largest transport service provider and 4th biggest employer, offers various future perspectives. In her presentation "Retirement and working life at SBB", Mrs. Mahler gave us insight into several models and stressed the economic importance of caring for our elder generation and also to offer them an easier transition to their retirement.

After all questions had been answered, our speakers were surprised with a gift basket from Harvey Nash. Afterwards, we moved on to the Networking-Apéro where many interesting conversations and discussions were had around the topics of the presentations.

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We received feedback from our guests which underlines that the event was not only a success from our perspective, but also engaging and interesting from the viewpoint of the attendees:

"I came to this event to eventually take some ideas for our company. You never know we might implement a similar module"

"An event like this is always a great opportunity to check what is happening in other companies"

"As always there was a great combination of speakers and we are looking forward to the next year"