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I am responsible for Harvey Nash operations in Belgium

Great service is a choice

No one can or should tell you how you must treat your customers.
After all, (great) service is a choice.

How well do you treat your customers?
How did you end up to make that decision? How long have you provided them this level of service?
And if you're not treating them well, then why wouldn't you start doing so?
It is a choice you'll have to make. But it is yours to make...

There are different ways of offering great service.
Let's take a deeper look at how this can be achieved.

As a leading recruitment agency, over the years we have gained a deep knowledge on how we can service our customers in the best way possible. Over the years, company branding and customer satisfaction have become top items on (recruitment) companies' to do lists.
And as a result, customer service has only gotten more important.

So how do we make companies fall in love with our business?
As you know, recruitment is a "people" business, and there are always challenges and issues to overcome. In the ever-changing global landscape, there are too many variables to take our business as granted... nothing is business as usual. We have a serious track record and the right teams to get the right people hired for your vacancies.

We listen carefully to what our customers tell us, what kind of candidate they are looking for, what skills are needed, what kind of person they need. We don't make a lot of promises, but if we promise to deliver, we will.

It's not just picking arbitrary names out of a hat, we carefully select the best candidates before we put them in touch with our clients. We take as many interviews, assessments and reference checks as we feel necessary, to find the perfect match.

We help in onboarding, and even after placement, we will continue to provide excellent service: we keep following up with our contractors and employees, to make sure they keep on performing as needed for the job.

The only reason why we can survive in today's business are our customers.
So, we make sure to keep them happy.

If ever we have an unhappy customer, then we try to find out why, and we use that information to improve on our service.

In fact, we consider two types of customers:

  • The customer: we make sure to understand the vacancy, we look beyond the need to fill a particular vacancy and we provide the best candidates.

  • The candidate is a customer as well; we promise to deliver the cv to our customers and to help them to find the perfect job & career.

So here are our 9 rules to achieve great customer service:

  1. Treat your customers right
  2. Always listen to your customers
  3. Respect your customers
  4. Continue to satisfy even after delivery
  5. Build trust
  6. Treat a customer like a valued partner
  7. Be transparent and honest
  8. Follow up on your promises
  9. Gratitude and kindness take you far

Thank you for reading!