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The Internet Of Things - Inspiring a Recruitment Revolution

You have probably already heard about it: the process of bringing "dead" things to life, using technology: the Internet of Things: bringing offline devices to the online world. Embedding electronics (software, sensors, connectivity,...) in physical objects to enable them to exchange data with its users or manufacturer, or with other connected devices. Think of a refrigerator that tells you that you are out of milk, or the stove that informs you it needs a pallet refill. Cars with sensors, biochips in farm animals, medical implants,...

The Internet of Things is a process that already started in 1999 but recently evolved to a new hot topic, and is now associated with terms like "Big Data", "Wearable Technology" and "Distributed Computing". As Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to generate a lot of data, this data will need to be processed, indexed and stored.

This offers opportunities but also challenges for recruitment companies.

It means that jobs that do not exist today will become critical and abundant in two to three years' time. Starting today and looking forward 5 or 10 years, the need for developers, designers and engineers will become more and more important. At this moment, IOS, Android & HTML5-developers are already in high demand on the job boards but also big data architects and analysts, project managers, security specialists, networking experts, and specialists in business intelligence, mobile applications, device management, and compliance governance are hot!

Industries like transportation, construction and home automation, health care, manufacturing, energy, environment, etc. will all go looking for new, tech-savvy employees. Internet speed will have to increase, bandwidth, data volume, network latency will go down. All infrastructure and services will need to be adapted. The cloud will become more and more important. The need for security specialists will also arise. Data integrity will be questioned.

Recruitment companies will need to be up-to-date on the new skill sets that are required for these new job roles. We will need staff and training, screening of resumes will be different and technical interviews will need to be adapted as well.

Harvey Nash has always been a leader on new technologies and market demands.

Are you ready for the Internet of Things? I know we are!