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I am responsible for Harvey Nash operations in Belgium

Stronger than ever!

Dear Client, Prospect, Contractor, Employee,

I’ve just come back from Harvey Nash's internal global conference for its senior managers with a smile on my face.


Well, Harvey Nash Belgium won, during the London based conference, its 3rd award in 6 years.
After the awards of Fastest Growing Company (2006) and Best Office (2007) we won the 2011 award of Most Resilient Office.

During the credit crisis of 2008 Harvey Nash Belgium had taken the strategic decision to stand next to their employees and customers to overcome what has been one of the heaviest economical crisis’s in history.
We, as Harvey Nash Belgium, had taken the decision not to dismiss a single employee. Instead, our aim was to work all a bit harder, but with the entire team and to be prepared to be in a strong position when the crisis was finished.

On top of that, we took the decision to stand next to our clients that were suffering the heaviest and to support them where possible.

These, sometimes tough, decisions, made the year 2008-2009 a difficult one financially for Harvey Nash Belgium. In fact, the contribution of Harvey Nash Belgium dropped.

However, as a result of our decisions, we gained significant market share after the crisis. Employees realised the advantages to work for Harvey Nash Belgium, and clients have really appreciated the efforts we made together with them to overcome the crisis. Because of that we have today even stronger relationships with our customers than before the crisis.

Thanks to the market share we gained after the crisis, I am proud to announce that today we are stronger than ever before.

We are very proud of our award and would like to celebrate this new success with you during our upcoming IT and HR event on October 25th. Click here to see the invitation.