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I am responsible for Harvey Nash operations in Belgium

Looking back at our CIO event in Genval

I’m pleased to come back to our CIO event that took place on November 10th at the Chateau du Lac in Genval.

After a short welcome there was time for some very interesting presentations.

Our own CEO Albert Ellis announced the results of the European wide IT survey. This survey was organised for the 11th year and had 1345 CIO’s across Europe that responded.

The results were interesting. IT leaders recognised that the importance of retaining a skilled workforce during a recession is crucial. This year 67% felt a skill shortage would have a negative impact on their business, up from 61% last year. In an understandable response, only 20% of CIO’s will be working for a new employer next year and 76% of IT leaders plan to maintain or increase their outsourcing activities.

Alfred Den Besten, Managing Partner of MarketCap gave a fantastic presentation about the current trend from Desktop Automation to High Performance Workplace. Michel Hautfenne, Senior Director of Global IT&T Purchasing of our client UCB gave an overview on what actions the audience could take with suppliers in order to overcome the crisis.

I was happy to see that this year’s event was very interactive: the audience had a lot of questions for the speakers during the panel discussion led by Simon Wassal, European Managing Director of Harvey Nash. In fact, there were so many questions asked that not all of them could be answered during the 30 minutes that were previewed.

Fortunately the speakers were happy to answer the rest of the questions during our fun event ‘Vini Vegas’. From the feedback we received so far it was clear that not only the presentations but also the fun event was very highly valued by the audience: 94% rated the event as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

One attendant described it as “a realistic view on how to overcome today’s economic crisis and a future vision on how the current generation sees the work place” where “Harvey Nash gave the participants some insights to prepare for upcoming challenges.”

Based on all this (positive) feedback, I am very pleased to announce that Harvey Nash Belgium will definitely organise a new CIO event next year.

Several IT magazines will report about the event in their next issue.

In case you are one of the more than 80 attendants and you want to look back at the event for pictures and presentations or you were not present but are interested in the event, please click here.