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Ways to be closer to our clients and candidates

As you could read in my previous blog, we are hosting our third CIO event on November 10th. I am pleased that in the mean time our guest speakers are all confirmed. Michel Hautfenne, Senior Director of Global IT&T Purchasing at UCB Pharma, will present what actions he had to take with suppliers in order to overcome the crisis. Alfred den Besten, Managing Partner of MarketCap, will talk about the current trend from Desktop Automation to High Performance Workplace. Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash, will share with the present IT and HR Leaders the long expected results of the Europe-wide IT leadership survey.
New at this event will be that because of the presentation from Michel Hautfenne, it will not only be a useful event for IT leaders but also for HR, purchase professionals.

For the full program and a possibility to subscribe please click here.

The economical climate is busy for more than a year. I am personally strongly convinced that best relationships are built in difficult moments such as this crisis. Not only do we want to understand and listen to our clients, we also want to improve our communication to all our market: clients, employees and future candidates.
Therefore we decided to start with a digital newsletter that will come out three times per year.
You will be able to find back in the newsletters facts and figures, services of Harvey Nash highlighted, tips and advise etc..
At the end of every newsletter you will have the possibility to make us suggestions of what you would like to find back in our newsletters. If we would like to improve communication, one condition is that it goes both ways.