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Harvey Nash APAC host the big 2014 digital debate: Embracing Disruption

Wow, what a great #hndigital event we've just hosted at the Doltone House Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia!

Thank you again to our fantastic panel for taking part, and for the audience who braved weather warnings to throw themselves into an enthralling debate--both in person and live on social media--it was a digital event after all.

Our hashtag #hndigital was trending on Twitter throughout the evening and we've seen hundreds of tweets and retweets referencing the insights generated by our panel of experts.

The digital interaction was so good that I'm going to use some of the thought-provoking comments from the event in my blog to give you an overview of the event. I was tweeting like crazy, so you can see a full dialogue at @BridgetGray or at @HarveyNashAPAC.

By 'Embracing Disruption' we wanted to focus on the opportunities, and challenges, that digital disruption can have on changing markets. Here are my highlights:

  1. Results from the Pulse Survey: The three biggest concerns in the digital industry - skill shortage, lack of digital strategy, poor budget responsibility in-house. #hndigital - thanks @DavidMcCredie
  2. No digital dinosaurs in this room: "@BridgetGray rockin' it at the #hndigital disruption event - love the Yucatan/dinosaur analogy #goMammals!" Thanks @timparsons
  3. I'm slightly disconcerted that "77% of us sleep with our smartphone... Good for alarm, not great for romance." #hndigital #socialmedia Thanks @ginalednyak
  4. Digital market is more important than ever: "Every year there is a 10x exponential growth in regards to digital. Bill Gates" @AIMIAceo #hndigital Thanks @BrianMaan
  5. We can educate our way to further digital growth: "Jane Huxley notes that all traditional business is being affected by digital, but outstanding change in education." #hndigital Thanks @joannejacobs
  6. The future's bright, the future's connected: "A new way of thinking about the need for the #NBN from Pollenizer's Phil Morle: the average home will have 100 connected devices. #hndigital" Thanks @CIO_Australia
  7. Disruptive power of startups based on their ability to help: "@ElisePollard: Startups thrive because they solve problems for real people #hndigital #hnaustralia they specialize - @JaneHux @PandoraAUS" Thanks @Hollingsworth @Digivizer
  8. More women on boards can create positive disruption: "@JaneHux #hndigital - we're not going to get a different result by doing the same thing - board structures need to change. #whererthewomen?" Thanks @Limty73

Of course this is just a snapshot of my highlights from a thoroughly engaging debate. The Harvey Nash APAC newsletter will provide video content, audio and photographs from the event, and the results from the digital pulse survey. I am sure you agree that they make for an interesting read.

It was fantastic to get such a bright, enthusiastic group of disruptors in one room, so thank you again for coming. We look forward to providing another fantastic opportunity for you all to get together to network and hear from other digital thought leaders at our next event.

Please do get in touch with me if you'd like to catch up before then or if you'd like to hear a little more about Harvey Nash.