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The Best Way to Make Big Data Tell a Story? Personalize Down to an Audience of One

Big data is only as interesting as the story it tells. The more it tells the unique story of each individual, the better. With that in mind, we personalized the results of this year's Harvey Nash CIO Survey with a Personalized Benchmark Report (PBR). The outcome? We got the highest number of respondents in the survey's 16-year history.

Lee Bustin, CIO of Group M, called the PBR "strategically insightful," saying that he particularly appreciated how the comparison of salary against IT budget helped him understand how remuneration is structured against budget responsibility.

Diversifying Your IT Department: A How-To Guide

I am in the very fortunate position of working for an organization that embraces diversity with the same passion and zest I do. For years, Harvey Nash has helped its clients create diverse workplaces and has supported women in advancing their careers, be it taking board positions or attracting, retaining or advancing them in IT. Australia is making great strides toward a more diverse IT workforce, and the potential for our numbers to establish Australia among the world's most diverse IT leaders is immense. 

Adding interim drivers to the innovation race

IT spending in Australia is up this year (expected to top $77 billion, according to Gartner), and I've had some great conversations recently with bright and energetic "disruptors." No doubt it's an exciting time to be working in this field! The great outlook is driving a lot of focus on growth and innovation... and IT interim or contract resources can do some of that driving.

R&D used to be considered an isolated function open to only a select few, until advances in technology literally unlocked the innovation labs. It's not only the high tech, digital and startup scene in Australia that is creating exciting products and projects. Now creativity flourishes in every nook and cranny inside and outside of even the most traditional of companies. The big challenge today is not where to find the next great idea, but how to get it developed and out the door to drive growth. IT interim and contract resources can help.

Harvey Nash APAC host the big 2014 digital debate: Embracing Disruption

Wow, what a great #hndigital event we've just hosted at the Doltone House Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia!

Thank you again to our fantastic panel for taking part, and for the audience who braved weather warnings to throw themselves into an enthralling debate--both in person and live on social media--it was a digital event after all.

Our hashtag #hndigital was trending on Twitter throughout the evening and we've seen hundreds of tweets and retweets referencing the insights generated by our panel of experts.

Where is digital headed in 2014?

A year ago, Harvey Nash Australia released the results of a pulse survey that gave us a snapshot of how the digital industry was performing.  

Billed as "Monetising the Connected World," the survey looked at skills and talent, data, mathematics, privacy, apps, start-up investment, Facebook advertising versus Google Search, advertising versus content and much more. Sparking some fascinating conversations, the findings from digital leaders set a strong mandate and appetite for change in 2013. 

O, what a wonderful year

It is a beautiful summer day in Sydney and there is an infectious Christmas spirit in the air. As you walk through the city, there are Christmas parties galore and we've enjoyed celebrating the festivities with our clients and candidates. As the year draws to a close, I felt it would be a good time to reflect on the twelve months that has just flown past.

2013 has been a very exciting year for Harvey Nash. In March we held our inaugural digital event, with Mark Britt (CEO, Mi9), Gerd Schenkel (Director, Telstra Digital), Jennifer Wilson (Director, The Project Factory), Mick Liubinskas (Director, Pollenizer) and Malcolm Alder (Partner, Lead for the Digital Economy, KPMG) on our panel. It was a great evening, full of energetic debate and commentary - such a fantastic way to close off summer.

Mobile Working and the Future of workplaces

I was recently invited to address a conference about teleworking in Australia. The conference was held by a business group called Females in Technology and Telecommunications (FITT), who exist to promote and increase the number of women leading productive, balanced and equitable lives in technology and telecommunications throughout Australia. I enjoyed participating in the FITT conference and being part of positive conversations, all of which enable an exchange of ideas and fresh thinking which enable change to happen.

When the Harvey Nash Group made the decision to relocate our headquarters to Heron Tower we made one other very siginificant decision: to put mobile working at the heart of much of what we do. As a professional services organisation with senior consultants spending much of their time on client assignments and away from the office we have always had an open approach to mobile working, but to formally introduce mobile working was inevitably a step into the unknown. Our experience has been extremely positive. From helping employees juggle their domestic priorities, to saving costs, to improving employee retention, we have seen many benefits. But like any major change programme, it does come with challenges. There is no unique implementation formula that guarantees its success.

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2013 Harvey Nash CIO Event Newsletter!

With over 100 attendees from the local Sydney technology community, I was delighted to see so many familiar faces in the audience and some new ones too. For those of you who could not join us on the night, we hope to see you next time.

Our next CIO event isn't until next year; however I hope you enjoy reading about this year's in this newsletter. Here you will find photographs of the event, video interviews with the panellists and a short film of the event itself. 

The science behind selection

Recruitment and retention practices have changed dramatically in the last decade. Whilst the formal interview process has remained a feature of selection techniques, the style, function and outcomes of these meetings has and will continue to evolve. As an executive search recruiter, I’ve seen a resurgence of psychological assessment of candidates, essentially underpinning the fundamentally intuitive decision of whether or not to hire a particular candidate with science.

Collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative: that’s the Australian CIO

For the last 15 years, Harvey Nash has conducted leading market research on the role of the CIO. In 2013, we had over 2000 CIOs from a wide variety of sectors and companies worldwide take part in the research.