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Technology Leadership is a Timeless Challenge

One of the many benefits of being CEO of Harvey Nash USAPAC is the opportunity to get an advanced preview of our 2016 Technology Survey results. The full results will be published next month, but I wanted to share some of my early insights regarding the challenges that technologists are reporting. It was most surprising to me that many of today's technology challenges are the same issues I encountered early in my career.

Responsible Staffing vs. Cut and Run

Earlier this month I was in Washington, DC meeting lawmakers from both parties in Congress as part of the annual TechServe Alliance Lobby Day. During our visit we talked with senior staff members of elected representatives about the importance of advancing excellence and ethics within the IT staffing and solutions industry.

3, 2, 1, time to blast-off any crisis of confidence in the tech job sector

Demand for tech jobs grow but technologists remain anxious

In my last blog I referenced how a growing U.S. economy is creating a surge in demand for domestic technology talent. I quoted a recent report: Cyberstates 2015: The Definitive State-by-State Analysis of the U.S. Tech Industry as evidence of the incredible tech sector jobs potential: "tech jobs were found to have risen more than 11 percent year over year, with over 650,000 job openings in Q4 2014."

650,000 reasons to be proud of the U.S. tech sector

As CEO of Harvey Nash USAPAC, I'm proud go to work every day where I get a courtside view of my team of technology recruitment professionals as they support organizations and highly skilled experts who are pursuing astounding new technology innovations. It can sometimes be easy to forget the global impact teams like ours, and similar teams across the U.S. tech sector can have, both at home and overseas.

Top IT Job Attributes for 2015

Each New Year seems to bring more articles about the "top IT jobs" in the year ahead. Most of these "top job" lists are focused on what job titles will generate the most money for a candidate or which role will enable them to innovate with the newest technology.

While these are important to IT professionals, increasingly IT specialists are looking for a wider range of job attributes that will enhance their career over the long term. Knowing what attributes are most valued can help IT hiring managers ensure their roles compete for the best IT talent in a crowded marketplace.