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Sink or Swim: Riding the Next Technology Wave

The news that Microsoft will remove or restructure 18,000 roles at Nokia in preparation for the next generation of growth says much about the vision of the new CEO, Satya Nadella. It also indicates which employees will be most in demand during the next decade of IT innovation.

The business of jobs

I was recently interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio, the #1 business station in the Mid-Atlantic region. We talked about the IT recruitment industry, how Harvey Nash USA has evolved in the last few years and the business of jobs.

For me, this interview was a reminder of why I developed a passion for IT recruitment and Harvey Nash; because the business of jobs is really about people.

You don't have to be a woman in IT to want diversity

This month Harvey Nash released its annual CIO Survey results, the sixteenth year it has published research on the CIO and the business/technology environment the CIO inhabits. There are many positive trends to report, among an overall theme of optimism and growth:

Working to Bridge the IT Talent Gap - Supporting Women in Tech

2014 is an exciting time to be in technology, isn't it? With an incredible list of advancements in 2013 and some really tremendous projects in the works for 2014, we are truly living in a great period in technological advancement.

Eyeing the technology talent gap.
As we continue to evolve as an industry and redefine standards, there is one glaring challenge facing us all -- the IT talent gap. Over the next 10 years, for every computer science college graduate, there will be two technology positions available. The number of technology professionals simply isn't matching up to the need and demand for this critical talent.

A Study in Transformative Leadership

For the past several months, I have been talking about transformative leadership: what it looks like, how it develops, how we measure it and what it can mean to those who experience it. My goal was to explore how leaders transform and lessons we can take from their experiences to implement in our own organizations. While my thoughts were perhaps more theoretical than practical, all of this was a prelude to coming face to face with the transformative leader slated to keynote the annual Harvey Nash Leadership Lecture, held March 4, 2014. That transformative leader was Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City.

Measuring the Impact of Transformative Leaders

This article appears as the fourth part of a blog series on transformative leadership, published ahead of the Harvey Nash Leadership Lecture with Rudy Giuliani on March 4th 2014.

Tenacity to Transform

This article appears as the third part of a blog series on transformational leadership, published ahead of the March 2014 Harvey Nash Leadership Lecture with Rudy Giuliani.